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Breaking News!


Dear supporters,

thank you very much! Please be aware that we also received a lot of direct donations via paypal, so we´re now at 500 € in total for the campaign.

Please help us and keep spreading the word about our campaign, so that we can finish Fragment 1890!

Extra Bonus:
As extra bonus for our supporters, everyone who orders the Digital download of the film Fragment 1890 (Gift 02) will also receive an exclusive making-of featurette!

Liebe Unterstützer,

vielen herzlichen Dank für eure Hilfe! Da wir inzwischen auch viele direkte Spenden über paypal erhalten haben, ist der Zwischenstand der Kampagne nun insgesamt 500 €.

Bitte helft uns dabei, die Kampagne noch mehr zu verbreiten, damit wir Fragment 1890 vollenden können!

Extra Bonus:
Als Extra Bonus erhält jeder, der den “Digital download of the film Fragment 1890” (Gift 02) bestellt, ein exklusives Making-Of Video!

Breaking News!

On Sunday, we started the crowdfunding campaign for Fragment 1890.
Here the link to our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo:
Please help us to spread the news and make this venture a great success! Be aware that our master plan is to create a classic horror anthology film, with Shadow of the Unnamable & Fragment 1890 as two of three planned segments.

If you want to support us directly, you can use the paypal donation button below! If you want to order one of the gifts offered on our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo, please send an accompanying email with your contact info and the type of gift you want.