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Fragment 1890 had a great premiere at the 44. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg. The sold out screening at the Central Programmkino also featured the multi award winning Shadow of the Unnamable and three other shorts based on works by H.P. Lovecraft.

For more details on the multi award winning Shadow of the Unnamable, please visit:

Fragment 1890 erlebte eine großartige Premiere auf dem 44. Internationalen Filmwochenende Würzburg. Im restlos ausverkauften Saal 2 des Central Programmkinos konnten neben Fragment 1890 auch der preisgekrönte Shadow of the Unnamable und drei weitere Kurzfilme nach Motiven H.P. Lovecrafts bestaunt werden.

Infos zum mehrfach international preisgekrönten Shadow of the Unnamable, gibt es hier:

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BREAKING NEWS: Fragment 1890 world premiere!


Fragment 1890 has finally been completed and we´ll celebrate it´s world premiere at the 44th Internationales Filmwochenende in Würzburg.

Fragment 1890 will be screened as double bill with Shadow of the Unnamable, as part of a Lovecraft retrospective. The event takes place on the evening of saturday, january 27th 2018.

For more details on the multi award winning Shadow of the Unnamable, please visit:

The festival program will be available in december:

CALL OUT FOR additional VFX artists



If you´re an aspiring VFX artist and you are interested in helping us out, please contact us and provide us some information about your work experience and skills, which programs you use, and also please show us some work examples.

We have an upcoming festival deadline ahead and need to wrap up quickly! We need artists experienced in doing compositings & camera projections.  We can guarantee you a prominent placing in the credits of the film and a digital copy of the finished film. If you are interested, original props and artwork from the film are also available as rewards for you!


Fragment 1890 soundtrack

Musician Gwenn Trèmorin has created a truly spine-chilling and atmospheric soundtrack for Fragment 1890. Gwenn Trémorin is the artist behind the electronic music projects Flint Glass & Tzolk’in.


Komponist Gwenn Trèmorin hat für Fragment 1890 eine wahrhaftig gruselige und atmosphärisch dichte Filmmusik geschaffen.

Happy birthday, Mr. H.P. Lovecraft!


Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born on August 20, 1890 in Providence/Rhode Island, where he also died in 1937. During his lifetime he was only known to a small fan base who followed his publishings in pulp magazines like weird tales.

Today he is considered, along E.A. Poe, to be America`s most influential writer of classic weird fantasy and horror. His sinister visions are still a popcultural phenomenon and his stories, poems, essays and letters have been translated into more than 15 languages and are read around the world.

Fragment 1890 News

At last, the edit of Fragment 1890 is now finished and the french musician Gwenn Trèmorin has begun working on the soundtrack.

Now we´re preparing the first of our three intricate miniature special effect shots, the exterior of an insane asylum. At the moment the edit contains animatics as placeholder.


Es hat etwas länger gedauert als geplant, aber jetzt ist der Schnitt von Fragment 1890 endlich fertig. Unser französischer Komponist Gwenn Trèmorin ist begeistert vom Film und arbeitet bereits fleißig an der Filmmusik.

Jetzt bereiten wir noch den Dreh von drei raffinierten Effektaufnahmen vor, die im Schnitt
momentan noch durch Platzhalter (Animatics) vertreten werden.

It´s a wrap!

Last wednesday was the final day of shooting for Fragment 1890. We shot in a stylish historical streetcar built in 1890! Now the post production starts, including several days of second unit shooting of three miniature models.

Regarding our crowdfunding campaign:
Thanks again to all contributors from around the world! At least we raised enough money to finance our last day of first unit shooting, including the rent for the streetcar museum.

Sadly we only reached 15% of our goal. The main reason for this was the lack of coverage by many news- and fansites that we approached.
We were disappointed by several Lovecraft-websites and fanzines, who refused to even cover our campaign. Especially a fanzine I previously provided with free artwork.

Well, live and learn.

Breaking News!

Dear supporters!

Our crowdfunding has now, including several direct donations via paypal, reached more than 1200€.

In 13 hours, our campaign will end. Help us one last time to raise more awareness for our film Fragment 1890! And remember, even a small donation of 2€ is a big help for our cause and will get you a special mention on this website.

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Help us finish Fragment 1890!

Liebe Unterstützer!

Jetzt geht´s in die letzte Runde, in 13 Stunden ist die Kampagne beendet.

Bitte empfehlt uns weiter und denkt daran, daß auch eine kleine Spende von 2€ uns enorm weiterhilft! Dafür erhaltet ihr auch eine Danksagung auf der Filmseite.

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Helft uns dabei, Fragment 1890 zügig zu vollenden!

Breaking News!


Dear supporters,

thank you very much! Please be aware that we also received a lot of direct donations via paypal, so we´re now at 500 € in total for the campaign.

Please help us and keep spreading the word about our campaign, so that we can finish Fragment 1890!

Extra Bonus:
As extra bonus for our supporters, everyone who orders the Digital download of the film Fragment 1890 (Gift 02) will also receive an exclusive making-of featurette!

Liebe Unterstützer,

vielen herzlichen Dank für eure Hilfe! Da wir inzwischen auch viele direkte Spenden über paypal erhalten haben, ist der Zwischenstand der Kampagne nun insgesamt 500 €.

Bitte helft uns dabei, die Kampagne noch mehr zu verbreiten, damit wir Fragment 1890 vollenden können!

Extra Bonus:
Als Extra Bonus erhält jeder, der den “Digital download of the film Fragment 1890” (Gift 02) bestellt, ein exklusives Making-Of Video!

Breaking News!

On Sunday, we started the crowdfunding campaign for Fragment 1890.
Here the link to our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo:
Please help us to spread the news and make this venture a great success! Be aware that our master plan is to create a classic horror anthology film, with Shadow of the Unnamable & Fragment 1890 as two of three planned segments.

If you want to support us directly, you can use the paypal donation button below! If you want to order one of the gifts offered on our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo, please send an accompanying email with your contact info and the type of gift you want.